Top to bottom
visibility and control.

Using Alpha’s virtual account generator, accounts can be created instantly and are linked beneath a physical ‘master’ account.  These virtual accounts can then be assigned to a set of entities and/or business functions in order to create a virtual account hierarchy that shadows your organisational structure.  Accounts can then be viewed and managed at a parent-account level or sub-account level, providing enhanced visibility and control of cash across all levels of your organisation.

  • make inter-company loans

    Centrally manage and administer inter-company loans, reducing the need for external borrowing.

  • centralise transactions

    Make payments and collections on behalf of entities across your organisation.


    Pool and segregate funds across multiple business levels, simply by moving funds between your accounts.  No need for sweeping.

  • Centralise cash management

    Improve liquidity and visibility of funds across your entire organisation, whilst enabling netting of company cash and currency positions.


    Quickly and easily open accounts, and then manage them all via one platform. No more costly and time-consuming account opening processes.