On point, whatever your approach.

Alongside our currency management strategies, we provide a range of products and services focused on executing your foreign exchange requirements more effectively and efficiently.



    As a dynamic and well capitalised public business, we are able to provide leading unsecured hedging facilities to best support your cash flow requirements.

  • Analysis

    We provide tailored and proactive market analysis to guide market entry. Our analysis is designed for you and your requirements by a dedicated analyst – we don’t do generic marketing literature.

  • Reporting

    We provide clients with a powerful but intuitive online portal focused on simplifying the administration of hedging, in order to save time and resource whilst improving hedge effectiveness.

  • Pricing

    We purchase billions in currency every year through our pool of global liquidity providers, enabling us to provide competitive rates at wholesale prices.

  • Hedging

    Whether it’s a spot, forward or option contract, we can provide currency risk management products that are effective for suitable clients’ needs.

  • Settlements

    Working with hundreds of clients in an industry that typically works with tens of thousands ensures we’re able to provide a fast and proactive approach to settling your funds.