Different ingredients.
Different results.

Like most things in life, you get out what you put in.  When it comes to Alpha’s secret sauce, there are a selection of ‘ingredients’ we’ve built up over the years – rare and often contrasting combinations, which subsequently yield greater value for both our clients and our people.

An AIM 100 business,
with just over 100 people.

Despite being a FTSE AIM 100 company, we got to where we are today by remaining a close-knit team focused on providing high quality solutions to high quality clients.

By focusing on quality over quantity in both our clients and people, we’ve been able to provide a specialised service that moves and evolves quickly to meet your needs, no matter how complex they are or how quickly they arise.


As well as being backed by a number of globally respected institutions, circa 50% of our team own an equity stake in Alpha, with many more working towards one.

As a result, you’ll find yourself working first hand with partners on the frontline of the business – people who are not only committed to achieving the best outcomes for you, but who have the backing and resources to make them happen.

  • Soros
  • MandG
  • Merian
  • AXA Investment
  • JP Morgan
  • Jupiter
  • LionTrust
  • Tellworth
  • Permier
  • Unicorn
  • River and Mercantile
  • Kabouter
  • Berenberg
  • Chelverton
  • Fidelity

A 10 year track record.
A day 1 mentality.

When it comes to our solutions we are constantly evolving.  This means that whilst you’ll have the confidence of dealing with an established business, you’ll never have to put up with the slow and outdated solutions that typically come with one.

Furthermore, because of our track record, we’ve been able to secure unique partnerships with leading global institutions, providing enhanced capabilities and a truly international reach.

Big ideas, little egos.

Alpha is a business where the best ideas always win, regardless of who they come from.

The best ideas can come from the people with the least experience, just as the worst ideas can come from those with the most!  This is why we don’t let criticism go to our hearts, nor do we let praise go to our heads.  As a team, we put our egos aside, and by doing so, ensure nothing gets in the way of the best ideas rising to the top.

Specialists, not generalists.

Each of our solutions are led by dedicated specialists, ensuring the organisations we work with only receive the highest level of expertise. If you haven’t already, you can find out how we support clients in each of these areas, below.

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