Surrounding great people
with great people.

At Alpha we are obsessed with Talent Density and believe the more talent we have, the more we can accomplish. That’s why when you join us, you’ll find each person in the room is someone you can learn from and respect.

We’re not big on formalised development, believing that the majority of high performers thrive through experience, observation, reflection, reading and discussion. Ultimately, the compound effect of surrounding great people with great people is not only the most effective; but also the most rewarding way of developing an exceptional team.

Equally, we aren’t big on entitlement or hierarchy, meaning you won’t find a private office in our office – you’ll find all of our senior leaders out on the pitch, not in the stands. This means you will be supported by people who have been in your shoes and know first-hand what it takes to be successful in the role.

We say it how it is.

We believe in radical candour – a feedback style that leans into honesty not kindness. Radical candour is frequent and direct, but always comes from a place of caring and respect — we want to reach our potential and addressing reality is the fastest way to grow. Radical candour is a company-wide initiative meaning everyone gives and receives it, regardless of tenure.

This transparent approach extends to our zero-tolerance policy on workplace politics.
Silent disagreements help nobody, so if we don’t agree with something we speak up.
At Alpha we discuss, agree or disagree as a team, then commit to a course of action. If someone is still unhappy with a decision, then they are free to seek perspective and put forward a stronger argument.

By having the conversations that our competitors shy away from, we bring fresh perspective to the table whilst staying true to our core behaviours, something we call Being Alpha.