The alpha Purpose

“To create an exceptional community full of opportunity that works hard, but lives well.”

An exceptional community…

It’s rare to be surrounded by a team who set themselves apart in both performance and character, but at Alpha this is the case. All of our people are driven, ambitious, star performers – yet compassion, humility and authenticity runs through their veins.

This unique combination has created a team of ‘A Players’: a tight community of like-minded individuals who thrive in each other’s company and inspire each other to greater success.

At Alpha we’re good friends as well as colleagues, and value the meaningful relationships we’ve developed with each other. The nature of these relationships has created a flat meritocracy, meaning that from Senior Partners to new starters, we speak to each other on an equal basis and are closer because of it.

Full of opportunity…

Joining Alpha means being part of a high-performance team – one that’s disrupted a mature and highly competitive industry to become a FTSE AIM 100 company transacting billions.

Yet we’re still only a small team, remaining in high-growth-mode and committed to being a culture-led organisation with a dynamic start-up ethos. By leveraging the best of both worlds, we can retain our high performance and continue to reward those who deserve it.

Working hard, but living well.

To sustain a team of high performing yet happy people, it’s important that we work hard and live well. Only by working hard can we sustain the level of opportunity that we provide, and only by living well, do we maintain a community that people want to be a part of.

Living well at Alpha means many things to many people, but at its core, it means having the time and opportunity to do the things that matter to you whilst staying healthy and happy. Some of the more recent ways we’ve supported this include creating a private in-office gym with a personal trainer, alongside private healthcare for all of our staff and their families from day one. We also host a number of team trips and celebrations across the year so we can let our hair down amongst good company.