Transforming the way businesses manage currency.

At Alpha, we develop strategies and technologies that help corporates and institutions more effectively manage currency.  As specialists in our field, we focus on three key areas: FX risk management, international payments, and collections.  Our exact solutions will vary depending on your circumstances, but the quality of our approach is reflected in the numbers below.


Circa 50% of our team are partners and this level of collective ownership naturally leads to better results for our clients.


We are a profitable, well-capitalised and debt-free business listed on the London Stock Exchange, with a market cap in excess of £800m.


We prefer to work with a small number of high value clients and not get distracted by volume and scale, working with circa 750 businesses across 30+ countries.


We can send and receive payments in over 160 currencies.


Our local payment networks extend to over 70 countries.


Alpha FX Limited has 4 regulatory licenses with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, and is also registered with FINTRAC in Canada.